NGC 6726 & 6727 – Creative Spark

These areas can provide powerful creative flux: helping people to see differences, release prejudices, and discover their own inner creativity. It is helpful not just for musicians, artists or anyone involved in creativity directly, but for individuals in the sciences, in accounting, in areas that people generally find creativity hard to come by. This elixir can be for people who are working with their own creative blocks, particularly when they come through habit. Use this elixir when you are beginning a class where any degree of creativity would be helpful. This energy can stimulate ones deeper connective energies with God, as if the creative force flowing through God, flows through you and then into something physical.This elixir can also be used for people who are contemplating bringing a child into the world. It will assist them in gathering information, making the right choices, and in doing things that will benefit the child to be.


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