M97 (Owl Nebula) – Understanding Duality

M97 has some fascinating characteristics to enable higher degree of consciousness expansion and awareness for those studying and working with all principles of polarity, the principle of two-ness, opportunity for yin and yang, various forces that work for the creative process.

This ability to work with this initial division from oneness into two-ness, has been the basis of many aspects of your galaxy and many adjacent galaxies in the highly common development of genders in mammalian and related life-forms and the ways in which these gender divisions have provided a high degree of speedup of evolution and capacity for brain development and other things through mammalian species.

Similarly such polarities have provided all kinds of interesting philosophical aspects of study, as has of course shown up in your own Taoist teachings, various teachings working with the opposition forces, and of course the widespread focus on learning through the capacities of archetype of male and female. You can see this as a sort of analogy or bridge to other societies and civilizations. In studying and working with polarity-based energies at many levels, a great deal of study and controversy has shown up.

Some societies elsewhere having discovered and worked with some of these energies, saw immediately that it was absolutely necessary to come back to the state of oneness as rapidly as possible, that only through such would a clear sense of the fulfillment or development of higher capacities within that society, ability to change to higher vibrational levels, etc, be embodied and possible.


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