M93 – Self Love

These stars have some physical proximity, and over time there has been some cross seeding, interrelationship, and action of some of the beings associated with many of the planets associated with M93 to learn from each other. One of the projects was to examine civilizations all over this galaxy and nearby galaxies, and some of the beings associated with M93 have taken some particular interest in Earth. Many of the things that were discovered were initially quite difficult for these beings to assimilate, initially finding many of the aspects of human consciousness and human civilization repulsive, repugnant, frightening, disgusting, etc. Some of the stars in this cluster contain library planets where a great deal of information about many civilizations has been compiled.

For some of these, some excitement in the last 250 years has led them to appreciate the existence of humans in ways that were initially quite controversial. The result of this is that a small group of beings from several of the stars in M93 have formed a community project, an opportunity to learn more about humans, and at the same time come to help them. Different stars as part of the cluster are broadcasting energy towards human existence and Earth at this time.

These broadcasts have within them specifically the area of self-love for people. It is observed amongst the beings who have sensitivity to this associated with M93 that humans who are unable to fully deeply love and appreciate themselves are at the core of many of the energies that create the waves of emotion that were so repulsive and difficult for them to understand and work with in the past. The beings of the higher vibration, the more loving beings on your planet, those with capacity to better forgive and understand each other, are those that have changed this relationship.

The sense of sport, comradeship, camaraderie, help, may be that which becomes available gradually as people attune to M93. This can be helpful as an encouraging energy within ones own heart to find the sense that one has a place in the universe, that ones own energy can stimulate answers in the heart in a loving way, not previously available.


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