M85 – Resolving Conflict

As the case for many galaxies, there are many civilizations in M85. Much of the energies that they have worked with in their own development are focused on the other stars, systems, civilizations As a result, these 6 have established a pattern amongst several hundred of the stars in M85 to pulse and project powerful, positive and uplifting energies towards humanity.

These are principally concerned with one single issue, that which has been of constant focus for many of the people of these civilizations, particularly in their early stages of development in M85, the issue relating to war: every aspect of it, every way in which it can be studied, all of the ways in which it relates to the internal war, the opportunity to change it for people, to understand and shift these aspects of consciousness associated with war.

This has led at times to great sadness amongst people who have witnessed destruction of entire civilizations and great joy as civilizations have survived, birthed others, and worked through various energies. But a large portion of the work has been associated with the mental aspect, understanding the true nature of the mind in creating belief patterns, various ways of filtering and working with those patterns that then lead inevitably to war.

As you bring your hands near them, sense that there is an energy there that says, peace in an active way can be found on this planet. This is a useful invocation for the M85 energy to be brought in. All elixirs of the stars have this property: some shift in consciousness associated with a chakra having a slightly more powerful effect than with flower essences and gem elixirs. We observe this, as people are able to use them, that this ability to receive is enhanced.and beings in the local area throughout M85. However there has been a development of 6 of these civilizations into a capacity of higher consciousness that is still physical.

As these beings have asked this larger question about the galaxies around them, they are aware of the Milky Way and of some of the important developments with humanity. These are of course of minor concern by comparison to the important energies of the various civilizations within M85, but some of these civilizations have recognized that all beings, everywhere in the entire universe do deserve assistance, benefit, understanding, and awareness.


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