M59 (Elliptical Galaxy in Virgo) – Extraterrestrial Acceptance

M59 elixir tends to bring people to a place of deeper peace and acceptance about all of their extraterrestrial neighbors, which will to some extent translate to any guides or helpers you may have that are associated with any extraterrestrial beings.At the same time, it may tend to reduce various aspects of fear that may be associated with abduction phenomena or other phenomena relating to aspects that you have previously held as scary or difficult with regards to extraterrestrials. The point of this is that as the fear is reduced, so also is the hold that a being that wishes to, in some way, encroach on your space might have; and so this is of some help in a reduction of abduction formula. However the higher vibrational reality associated with M59 is for people to increase their non-technologically based capacity for learning about related civilizations. Thus capacity to project your consciousness to other systems, to learn of the beings living associated with Pleiadian or Alcyone system, or Sirius, or various beings that we have spoken of in the past that many people may feel an affinity or kinship for.The ability to project to these places is improved simply because one has less fear, more curiosity, and a deeper sense of love or connectedness to such beings.


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