M53 (Globular Cluster in Coma Berenices) – Spiritual Evolution

Within this system are powerful energies of consciousness, levels of forgiveness or understanding, or a sense of the universal: a place of great peace, a place beyond time, and energies that would be very difficult to describe in human terms.In addition to these energies of M53 is the radiating energy of the core asking in every way possible for people to recognize what is evolution, what is the highest way of their own spiritual development? Answering that question can be very difficult because many times the answer is one that tells you that many of the things that you have been involved in must be stopped, that only the higher more evolved aspects of your consciousness are those which contribute to your own soul’s evolution, and that many things that are pleasurable or fun in the world, though they may indeed be somewhat beneficial in allowing you to be happy, are not those contributing very much to your evolution.M53 will help people understand and accept in themselves the presence of an inner light, an inner guru, a being willing at times to ask the deeper questions, and help people resolve those answers.


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