M36 (In Auriga) – Awakening

M36 has some interesting qualities that are being brought to it by many civilizations. There are a few civilizations associated with some of the dimmer stars within this structure, but for the most part it is relatively unpopulated. Each of the suns in this cluster has agreed to a cooperative effort with the others in their immediate vicinity in creating a resonant coupling energy.

This is a new experiment, which will be deliberately designed to project various qualities into the universe at a level much stronger, more precise, and with likely success of these experiments, more directional than has been available in past experiments of this nature. Typically, a civilization will utilize these capacities for communication or broadcasting of energy, and in the early stages it will move in all directions.

Later as it is directional, it will principally come from the single star associated with the civilization towards areas, as for instance those projected towards Earth that are of maximum value as decided upon by those beings associated with the star. But in this case several stars can participate, and the energies can come from many directions as a result.

This is already in an experimental phase, and has been utilized in the last few hundred years from time to time. Indeed it was an important part of some of the awakenings in consciousness for humanity, development of the exploration of initial consciousness, the shifting to self-awareness, the understanding and birthing of some of the important key moments in various past civilizations, including those in the continent of Mu, and those associated with the Atlantian continent, but also in more recent times the birthing of powerful energies in the Middle East, and energies likely to unfold in the upcoming time period of 2012 or so.

Therefore as people may wish to use this, they can send to this cluster energy that they wish to have brought back to them with the deliberate intent of this being reflected to all of humanity. It is difficult at first to contemplate the magnificence and scope of such an endeavor. But if one at least has a simple positive attribute to contribute such as a sense of deep peace for all beings, or an awareness of their recognition of their larger purpose in being alive, and to have this as a personal sense, yet this also sent into M36 with the idea of it reflecting back to the world, there can be benefit. These energies can confer some wisdom and strength of purpose to many people.


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