Lynx-3 (Ursa Majoris) – Soul Understanding

Beings who have associated themselves with Lynx have a highly evolved sense of their own subtle nature, able to make a sense of appearance or disappearance, becoming physical and nonphysical with great ease. The capacity to bring this subtle energy into form as would need be and then immediately dissipate it has led them to a sort of awareness of soul consciousness that has a direct parallel in new techniques in information and radio science on Earth called spread spectrum.

In the spread spectrum technique, energies distributed over a very wide variety of frequencies, so wide in fact that when that spectrum is received it is primarily perceived as noise, as moving in all directions with all different components unless the same sort of filter that was applied initially to spread that information across the spectrum is then utilized to filter it back into its original components. In this sense these beings have learned how to become very subtle, spread their energy across many aspects of vibration, areas you wouldn?t even consider alive or animal, plant, human, or any of the rest, yet be able to draw it together fairly rapidly as need be under any circumstances.

When you use the elixir of Lynx or gaze at the star through a telescope you may be filled with this sense of possibility that you can do many things you had not seen possible before, but to do them will require you to not do, to let go, to become more subtle, more spread out, more ephemeral than you had previously and wait until the exact point in which these energies must all be brought together. The sense of timing and how the timing can fit perfectly with the rest of the universe is what may come for many individuals using this elixir. With Lynx, you can more easily tune into as you choose to raise consciousness and learn from your own soul, from these senses of who you are.


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