Eta Aurigae – Surprising Ideas

Can help bring people into awareness of higher possibilities than they had previously considered. This would assist in bringing new ideas outside the usual contexts into people’s frames of reference and consciousness. Oftentimes, these ideas will be highly spiritual in nature. In Atlantis, the study of this idea of new understanding took place. It was as if there wasn’t an appropriate language to fully describe these new concepts of higher spiritual ideas. So a new form of language was developed to not only encompass these new spiritual forms but also a language with words that contained the physical sounds which created higher resonance to match the heightened spiritual concepts. This elixir can awaken or attune one with some of these ideas and language. This is especially true for those who have undergone lessons around issues of power and dominance so that this ability can be utilized with love and humility. By taking this elixir and experimenting with one’s voice, toning and/or singing, one can start to reconstruct this Atlantean language and wisdom.


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