Epsilon Eridani – Potential

Epsilon Eridani Potential There is a conference going on on Epsilon Eridani currently in development of utilization of their fourth and sixth planets for human type civilization in the future, this program is being accelerated, and there is some attention on the fourth planet in preparation for earth beings to incarnate there. This may be in as little as 2000 years. There is little in the way of direct broadcasting coming from this place; because it is so close however, direct broadcasting is not necessary in order for people to receive some of the benefit of this star. Hence there is likely to be greater and greater attention in this arena over the next few decades by scientists, astronomers, and others. Eventually it will be one of the first targets for extra-solar exploration; unmanned at first, later with various journeys that can take place over a reasonable period of time, utilizing technologies that humans have not yet developed, but are still in the prototyping stages. In the meantime, what would be termed terra-forming and preparation of these places for potential human colonization is going on. In the meantime, for people to use this star can be interesting, bringing to them a sense of potential, many possibilities, a sense that they could expand their consciousness in areas they had previously not considered possible. Where this can be particularly valuable is in the foundation or beginning of communities, communities based on service or any kind of community where people wish to bring together energies from many different levels for potentials as yet unknown, recognizing the opportunity that this would bring, the love it might share, the assistance it might bring to others, but not knowing where this would eventually end up. As one utilizes this as an elixir, one may find that that sense of ability to help others is also present, and thus the potential that might be available to children through teaching and to forming community can be strengthened.


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