Delta Andromeda – Parental Awareness

Deeper awareness of the connection between parent and child will be noted for many individuals. This can be especially clarified at an emotional level for many. There can be assistance with children who have difficulty connecting emotionally or bonding with the parents, as if then there is felt a great deal of love, but difficulty in communicating or in understanding limits. This can occur at many different time periods in child development, some of the time periods, age 4 or 5 can be quite difficult, and as if set the tone or sow the seeds for some difficulties that are later felt at ages 14, 15, or 16, these observed as rebellious teenagers.

This star used in the early time will have far greater effect than if only used in the teenage years, but even in the teenage years there can be benefit. The parent can use the starlight elixir just as well as the child; both using it has a combined and multiplied effect. It is also observed here that at some point the child may have an important message or lesson to give to the parent.

Here again this starlight elixir can be quite helpful, as if then promoting an easier way of communicating between these two. It is useful to observe that if this is the case, that a communication from the child to the parent is an important issue, it is beneficial if, at least as an experiment, the two individuals would in their own imagination exchange roles: the parent becoming as if then young, looking and listening with the eyes and ears of a child. And the child would imagine him or herself wise in years, and with a great deal of understanding, able to transmit this to the parent.


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