36 Ophiuchi – Creative Movement

The beings that have colonized one of these planets are somewhat humanlike and are descendents of a blend of several races. These beings have capacity to understand movement and aesthetics in ways that are difficult for people to work with.

The whole idea of such an aesthetic balance or an understanding of beauty is primarily that which humans recognize is relating to spatial concepts, aspects of the three dimensional world, various shapes and forms, and the ways of various electromagnetics as they reflect or are transmitted by i.e. color, and the way in which this relates to the mathematical understandings of symmetry, movement, beauty, and spatial representation.

You could imagine taking this to the next dimensional level where the higher dimensional level, that which is just below that of the threshold of human everyday consciousness and awareness, these aspects of form, interaction, movement, etc, understood from such a level, this gives you a sort of sense of where these beings operate from.

The sense of understanding of this for them actually goes to a higher dimensional level than this, and thus the understanding of aesthetics in this sense is beyond that of human capacity to work with directly.

An elixir of 36 Ophiuchi has the capacity to bring some awareness into a person of perfection of placement, beauty, the nature of the underlying energies associated with feng shui principles. But it does much more than this, it also alerts you to an understanding of movement in a way in which you sense it, in which it comes more directly into your consciousness, in which it is not any longer an external, but somehow is something internalized or created in your own sense of yourself.

Sometimes this can be a useful tool when individuals are seeking artistic inspiration or a deeper understanding, particularly about movement, before falling asleep when they can do this in a way in which they do not have a fixed idea as to how it will show up, in which they can simply welcome it.

Some of the beings associated with this group have some specific goals and aims for people, ways in which they may be able to access this or work with it. So anyone involved in art, music, dance, even writing arts, any of these may be powerfully, helpfully, lovingly influenced by this elixir, so they might indeed enjoy this.


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