Veilchenblau Rose (Blue/Violet) – Deep Attunement

This beautiful rose can bring a sense of deep quiet for people as they connect to higher vibrational realms. The sense of the still, quiet voice inside has been spoken about for ages as a way of attuning to the heart, sensing the quiet voices deep inside oneself. When one wishes to extend this to the chakras above the seventh, the level of quiet must be even greater. This inevitably gives people a sense of the sources of the noises in their lives, the distractions of thought, energy put into doing-ness, relationship, all of the things that draw them away from that place of emptiness and quiet. It is as if an opening to a level of higher vibrational activity becomes available for people when using this rose, the sense that God?s connection to the highest sense of a different reality begins to come through. With repeated use of this rose, one comes to a place of being able to act in the world, doing things without thought. A place of an attunement to a higher level of spirit, a place of functionality where the energies available have all kinds of helpful attributes for healing, for shifting things in the world.


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Weight2.91 oz
Dimensions1.25 × 1.25 × 4 in