Seven Sisters Rose (Rosa multiflora platyphylla) – Youthening

There is a natural affiliation between this plant and the star system of the Pleiades and the beings there that have had a benficial impact on humanity. As people work with these energies, they discover all kinds of shifts, sometimes a reminder of an ancient lifetime where they were trained or worked with beings associated with the Pleiades or energies that relate to their past lifetimes with such beings.The many who are associated with those who investigate UFO phenomena, all of these beings with their attraction to or interest in Pleiadian culture, Pleiadian star system, pastlife energy, and so on, will benefit from this form of Rosa multiflora. There can be a shift at a physical level for some people, with a deeper understanding of their ability to display age through different parts of their body. Understanding the deeper lessons or message of this may be enhanced. As a result, the body’s necessity to bring this energy where you can see it is reduced, and as a result greater youthfulness, inherent strength, and other energies of a positive helpful nature will result. Thus some degree of youthening or awakening of a youthful energy will be noted in utilizing this rose elixir.


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