Rosa Virginia (pink, U.S.) – Inner Calm

Assists individuals in projecting an inner sense of stillness and calm into their words as they speak them. Charisma will be encouraged and amplified.
Rosa Virginia brings a powerful energy closer to a person, it never pushes it into the person, but it is as if the vibrations will momentarily align so that the person can better receive an energy that is based in the center of the soul, a sort of pivot point or nucleus of soul energy, a place of infinite powerful calm, but at the same time, with a strong survival force?the force to become, to be aware, to know, to grow, to do. For the individual to know this better can be quite empowering, providing a natural cleansing of the third chakra. There can be a sense that the individual is able to accomplish much more than they previously had. This rose is valuable in creating inner states of deeper solemnity or calm, as if the still waters are felt; inner knowledge created as a result of this will gradually manifest into physical form in the world. The rose essence will assist individuals when they are feeling anxiety or stage fright, and may be useful for individuals involved in theater, television, motion pictures, politics, etc.–anywhere you must be in the public eye. It assists individuals in projecting this inner sense of stillness and calm into their words as they speak them. And as a result, those around them may much more easily feel the inner feelings that they may have contacted in meditation or in any sort of inner contemplative work. Gradually with repeated use of this essence the charismatic state, that state to which other individuals are naturally attracted will be encouraged and amplified in most individuals.


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