Rosa Primula (Pale yellow) – Spiritual Healing

Rosa primula is very helpful at accelerating the development of spiritual wisdom as it can be applied to healing, and especially the capacity of counseling from the heart, a place where a deeper loving energy may be established; this gradually shifts consciousness to awaken Christ-like principles in many people. It is as if discovering an inner Christ-knowledge or inner Christ-love, depending on people’s own particular bent or the aspects that they have previously developed. With repeated use, Rosa primula awakens the crown chakra; this energy connects right through the body into the heart, and allows a deeper fueling of heart energy based on such incoming energy through the crown chakra. But this energy must have some point of focus, therefore it makes sense whenever utilizing Rosa primula to focus your energy on some particular quality of assistance, some way to assist or help anyone, anything. In addition, there is certainly an increase of healing energy, if it is sincere, if the individual truly has some capacity of caring or love for whatever is the object being healed, as this will tend to increase the natural energy flows.


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