Rosa Pinetorum (Pink) – Oneness & Unity

Rosa pinetorum has unique quality at awakening an inner spirit of independence within people, an increased capacity to see oneself more clearly. First clearing energies from childhood period 6 to 7 years old for most individuals. Second, coming to a new appreciation of what they learned as teenagers. Third, awakening a conscious sense of their own clear choices in life, especially with regards to love, how that love can be more consciously manifested within their being, their bodies, their lives, how they live each day. The shifting of the very nature of the independent spirit, of how one sees oneself as so different, yet so similar to, relieving from consciousness the whole issue, coming to a place of ultimate oneness that is more concerned with the goal of that oneness, the sense of companionship, love, connection, compassion, the sense of evolution and awakening, rather than its source as that of individual spirit or collective identity, be it the collection of ones family or larger society, as in the case of the 6 or 7 year old and the teenager, respectively; or in a sense of one?s awareness of ones own individual needs as a human being, that is, the collective consciousness of all beings human. This contemplation of the very nature of independence/codependence for most individuals will be enhanced by Rosa pinetorum, but not in a conscious way at first. This is why typically the idea of bringing you through this from your experiences as a child and a teenager is very helpful.


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