Rosa Pendulina [Rosa Alpina] (Pink to Purple) – Risk Taking

This rose tends to allow people opportunity to take risks more easily, to share energies with each other in ways they might not have previously, and with this to open to new ways of loving, feeling love, and working with love as a result. Risk taking can be pathological in some individuals, with the addiction to dangerous sports or activities that risk life and limb. This rose can be particularly helpful for such people to modify these practices, see them in a different perspective, or find ways of achieving the same ends of sense of thrill or life-awakening, without having to put themselves in bodily danger. However most individuals as they work with this rose will recognize in themselves a willingness to share energies in ways they had not previously, to do so in ways that may produce some fear; but the fear would be short-lived, and the use of the rose to help the individual move through that fear, recognize its real truth, and in this way bring forth energies that have been buried, hidden, or in some way denied.


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