Rosa Longicuspis – Deepens Meditation

(White flowers with scent of bananas)
There are many interesting attributes from Rosa Longicuspis, this rose can produce some shifts all along the chakras, making a sort of sequential or domino effect of a lining up of energies. It can be quite helpful for those studying and working with body-centered or body-associated forms of meditation such as yoga, in particular kundalini yoga. This rose has the capacity to allow individuals a deeper sense of perseverance and awareness of their own awakening process, to be able to stay with it for long periods of time, to allow them deeper sense of the physical merged in a very positive and helpful way with subtle energies. Many times during the process of awakening or strengthening, the higher chakras are unduly stressed, and energy must be provided from other places. Rosa Longicuspis enhances appreciation, a deeper awareness of God?s love for all beings, as can be manifested in the human form: a moment of stillness or a place of deep peace may awaken for individuals, that can allow them to anchor or strengthen the loving sense with the energy of spiritual awakening or God-unfoldment.


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