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Rosa Honorine de Brabant (Lilac Pink) – Stress Relief - Pegasus Products

Rosa Honorine de Brabant (Lilac Pink) – Stress Relief

This rose has unique ability to allow the individual a moment outside time, a sense that the stresses or difficulties of life are suddenly somehow affecting someone else. In this moment they are free of that stress, they are as if for a moment taken into the higher consciousness of the buddhic body, the sense that anything is possible, that all of the energies that are available to them are infinite, that they do not have to try, they do not have to make an effort. This is a temporary shift. They will then fairly quickly afterwards be given the opportunity to re-evaluate, to sense the physical, what it means to be alive, to reoccupy, to come back into the body and feel and sense emotions, the issues, the ways in which they are able to change them, instantly having the sense it is not quite as important as I thought. Anxiety for many individuals can become a habit. Particular stressful situations will often be the trigger. As the individual is able to see things differently, open to energies that they had previously denied, they may find that anxiety-provoking situations can be the very situations that bring them the greatest sense of fulfillment, accomplishment, creativity. This rose can be particularly helpful as individuals are carefully considering relationships that they had previously found either inaccessible or rare. In particular this is applicable to community where people are interested in forming community, interacting with other people in ways that can produce economic viability and greater enhancement of their own personal survival and capacity to be productive and helpful in the world. But this is especially valuable when the community that is created is that which crosses various cultural barriers or cultural lines, interacting with multiple races, ages, different religious groups, and thus is certainly an excellent candidate to grow around co-housing communities and that which would be helpful for anyone considering co-housing as a potential form of community.


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Weight2.91 oz
Dimensions1.25 × 1.25 × 4 in

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