Rosa Damascena Bifera (pink, Europe) – Addictive Personality

Rosa Damascena Bifera(Autumn Damask, pink) – Addictive Personality Often with use of this rose is a sense in an individual of a deep appreciation of their own physical form, a willingness just to let go of every thought form that has interfered, every energy that has pushed them away from an underlying sense of purpose, an underlying sense of themselves; and the result is that an underlying energy at a much deeper level begins to emerge. This can be the sense of love, of caring for others, of being cared for, but deeper, the sense of God?s love; this can manifest for individuals and gradually become an energy that is intensely physical. There is the opportunity to release sexual energies that may be difficult. Energies that might be seen as somehow judged by society, and the result of this, with no need to judge oneself, is no need then for addictive acting out behavior or behaviors that are harmful to the individual. Gradually as addictions shift, new talents and capabilities will begin to emerge. The opportunity to ease shock is also one in which this rose allows. It offers the individual the opportunity to transform the energy of trauma, suddenness, shifted aspects, into something that provides the individual new energy for change, for benefit, for doing things that are ultimately helpful to others.


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