Rosa Brunoni (Himalayan Musk Rose, White) – Higher Purpose

This was a rose that was early in the development of the whole rose project by Cha -a- Ra and many others working in ancient times across several worlds, and especially interacting more consciously with the devic orders. The intent was to bring a capacity of spiritual wisdom, the capacity to enhance this in anyone, human or animal, that could approach it and work with it. This capacity was seen as very important, but also that which could be easily resisted: that some aspect of an enticing nature such as a wonderful scent, would then draw the person into the conscious awareness of the need for deeper spiritual connection, for deeper contemplation of important attributes of spiritual teaching or spiritual wisdom.This rose will always bring the individual a sort of dogged persistance, and a willingness over and over to look at these issues and find some aspect of ones own emotion to bring them most consciously into form. As these energies shift for people, the gradual awareness of higher purpose of being here on earth naturally comes through; but at the same time there is this wonderful positive joyful enticing aspect, almost seductive, it is as if God is letting you know on some level that the loving capacity of joy and pleasure is an inherent aspect of the universe. As the individual surrenders to divine purpose, it is not only for the awareness of ones place in the universe or the answer to complex philosophical questions, but it is also for the shear joy of being.


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