Combo 322 Divorce

(Sweet Corn, Scarlet Pimpernel, Mallow, Tree Poppy, Lotus, Silversword)

This formula is best taken simultaneously with Combination 138, all five inert gas elixirs, for transmuting karma. This is a most helpful formula in general for children who are in the midst of a family breakup such as divorce, or even the state prior to divorce where their parents are in disharmony. That there will often be repetition in such situations that will require the opportunity to clear out past life karma, to shift energies that have in the past stood in the way. What this may often indicate for many individuals is a release of self-blame. This is one of the more difficult attributes no matter how much you tell a child ?do it this way?, they act on how you do it. Because the parents tend to go through their relationships with the children as they are dealing with this, blame is a very powerful factor. They do not know how to deal with it, to speak of blame, to understand it, and so on, and so what they tend to say to the children is ?don?t blame yourself?. But the parents then must then be answering the question; as soon as you bring up blame, who then is to be blamed? This opportunity then brings forth a whole variety of unconscious, deep-seated energies and emotions, typically connected to a variety of energies from the past. Within the parents these are then most easily transmitted, typically unconsciously, to the children. And the result then is that the energy needs some outlet, and self-blame is the most obviously mapped-out energetic path. This is very confusing for the children, they know it is not their fault on a certain level; the parents have made the decisions as to what they want to do. But the energy that is being communicated is that of all kinds of difficulty with regards to the children. Will this hurt the children? Can I appropriately find the way for the children to grow and mature, even though I am no longer in this relationship — is a very powerful thought usually by both the mother and the father on some level. Ultimately for the child, the clearing of this can be a profound karmic change, which was one of the reasons that the child chose this particular family unit, to balance karma, for greater self-understanding, and to better counsel others around this issue when fully understood. These two formulas are recommended for all children of divorced parents, regardless of their current age.


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