Zunyite – Group Interaction

This stone appears to be quite helpful at enhancing inter-involvement between people in groups. It has been widely utilized for tribal rituals. But the higher function of Zunyite appears to be in bringing groups into a state of harmony so that they can have a common goal, projecting their energy appropriately in the world, accomplishing what is needed, and then letting go of it. Most often, this is done when the new pattern is one of dancing, or joy, or celebration. This pattern can be two entirely different matters. One is a shift, from looking at a healing sort of energy to one that you wish to accomplish politically, or one that you wish to accomplish economically. It could be a shift from a celebratory energy to one that is energy of rest and inner relaxation and meditation, etc. It may also be very good for those who are forming new communities and are working together in new areas, increasing their understanding of how they can coordinate with and love each other.


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Weight2.91 oz
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