Zanazziite (Brazil) – Understanding Form

Zanazziite elixir has the capacity to unite individuals who have a connection in consciousness in which they wish to disseminate and understand form, work with form in various ways, down to the day to day aspects of working with feng shui, interacting for construction of engineering matters, working with computers, and other aspects of physical practical life. In this way in which the form components are better understood, one often has recognition of commonality, from across many different aspects of life. Interior design all the way down to design of that which is exceptionally small, even into nanotechnology can all be enhanced and strengthened. But for most individuals who are not so involved in technical pursuits, there is a sense of unity, a oneness in the heart in which there is a space or openness or quietness that naturally and easily invites form in the abstract to show up in the form of a relationship or in the form of a business, or the form of that which you wish to create in art.

For some individuals there can be a sense of added strength and awareness that things will complete themselves in their own time in their own way. As greater patience shows up, more energy may also show up in the sense that you must take this new form that you are beginning to recognize and put it into action, share it with others, do something with it. This may be particularly strengthened and be very useful for people to bring up hidden


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