Volkonskoite (Russia) – Releasing Shame

Volkonskoite has the capacity to bring forward in individuals a willingness to communicate about hidden agenda, areas that they have perhaps even kept from themselves; to understand this and work with it, and be able to express it, is sometimes very difficult. This often relates to a specific emotion, and that is the emotion of shame; to be able to clear this or to let it go, or to see a way in which it has held you back, this can sometimes be useful.

Hidden agendas are very difficult for people when they do not have conscious awareness of this. An aspect of denial will be present that makes it very difficult for them to clearly state or understand this. But their friends will know, their family, anyone who is close to them; and it is at times a useful question: do you know of a hidden agenda that I might have? Volkonskoite can help you understand this and work with it on your own without having to ask others, and come to a place in which you can accept this in yourself.

Volkonskoite can establish a helpful link between people that allows them a sense of honesty, a willingness to share with each other from the heart, from a place of true respect and love.


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