Trinityite (Fused sand around the first nucle) – World Peace

These experiments were accomplished with a tremendous amount of what could best be described as muffling energy, which were provided by extraterrestrials, humanity’s guides, and angelic hosts primarily associated with the Pleiadian and Sirian systems. The idea was, as much as possible, to confine some of the more damaging or difficult energies, creating a barrier between them and the rest of space. Because of these muffling energies, a powerful reflection took place, as if the higher, more negative forces reached out and hit that reflective barrier and then were returned to the site. In such contact there was a deeper attunement to the possibility of peace, the possibility of a gentler loving way, and these energies then became more associated with this green color. Trinityite elixir can be helpful for those who are involved in nuclear energy in any form, seeking to find some way for it to be more acceptable and useful to people and various ways in which it can be more peacefully applied. But there are also those involved in political movements, those who would seek to create peace in the world by enlightening people to the true nature of nuclear warfare or nuclear disarmament; and such individuals will also benefit from this. The next higher level of this appears to be an energy associated with the need for forgiveness. Thus, within this sand there is this essential component through which deeper forgiveness toward those perceived as enemies is allowed and understood. An obvious combination would be a chunk of the Berlin Wall, again seen as perhaps the end of the Cold War, combined with Trinityite for a sense of deeper peace about many political conflicts, a sense of compassion and awareness as to why these were necessary, and a willingness to recognize humanity growing out of such levels. The highest level of this relates to the radiation miasm, as people are then most easily able to cleanse this from the body, releasing it in any form possible.


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