Tourmaline (Chrome) – Heart Opening

A much more powerful heart opening takes place with the Chrome Tourmaline elixir than with other forms of Green Tourmaline. Individuals can often feel this immediately after taking the elixir. It can also make more physical the effects of other forms of Green Tourmaline, and they may combine quite nicely together. Thus, there may be improvement in heart conditions such as arrhythmia or even irregular or extremely rapid heartbeat. A person can better understand how they love or reject love. When one is imagining loving someone else, sometimes a piercing light pours from the heart. The individual who is projecting heart-light energy may find that other people better absorb the energy when that same individual utilizes this more piercing, clear form of the green energy, the Chrome Tourmaline. All forms of this multi-hued stone stimulate the bio-magnetic, electrical, and crystalline properties in the body. The electrical effect stimulates communication between the subtle bodies. The psycho-spiritual properties are activated when the appropriate Tourmaline is used. Each type of Tourmaline will strengthen the meridians, nadis, and subtle bodies. When one or more of the Tourmalines are taken, they must be used with Watermelon Tourmaline elixir to enhance their effects.


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