Tourmaline (Blue-Green) (From Paraiba,Brazil) — Loving Expression

This stone can create an inter-penetration and a combining of the heart and throat energies. When energies that are not fully joined then become joined, much more energy can be liberated. The result here is an improvement in the ability to accept one’s own psychic abilities, to understand and work with them in a regular and easy fashion, and to share them with other people. Psychic abilities related to healing often must combine both heart and expressive energies to be fully effective. This Blue-Green Tourmaline can assist in bringing a sense of empathy to the individual. With sympathy, they are in direct alignment with the other person’s problem; but with empathy, they are in alignment with the source-level from which the person has allowed an imbalance that then manifests as an actual problem. This stone is used by a number of extraterrestrials for communication and may be one of the stones utilized as a bridge of communion in the future. All forms of this multi-hued stone stimulate the bio-magnetic, electrical, and crystalline properties in the body. The electrical effect stimulates communication between the subtle bodies. The psycho-spiritual properties are activated when the appropriate Tourmaline is used. Each type of tourmaline will strengthen the meridians, nadis, and subtle bodies. When one or more of the Tourmalines are taken, they must be used with Watermelon Tourmaline elixir to enhance their effects.


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