Tosudite (England) – Inner Peace

Tosudite has the interesting ability to help people go to a place of deep quiet, a sense of inner peace, understanding and receiving this sense of peace as it is connected to the entire universe. This is a peacefulness that is much more than inactivity; generally people see peace in that sense, but this is a sense that then continues, connecting especially to your family lineage, your ancestors, your DNA. With sufficient use, people can use this mineral to sense beings way back, perhaps hundreds of generations.

This can of course be very helpful when you are making dietary changes, since the diets of your great, great, great ancestors are often the diets that are going to be most easily absorbed and helpful. As you become more aware of these energies, as you allow this sense of a deep peacefulness with those who have come before you genetically to come into your own physical body, you can then come into a place in which you can bring some of this as a healing and strengthening energy, gradually making shifts in your own DNA so that you can better absorb and work with foods, receive the intent at a positive level from some of the new things showing up on your planet.

It is this profound sense of peace and oneness, and acceptance, one might say, of one’s ancestral lineage that Tosudite is able to assist people in understanding, healing, sensing, and working with this.


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