Thorite – New Psychic Ability

Thorite is indeed a fascinating mineral, and making an elixir of this can be very helpful with the radiation miasm, with people’s ability to better attune to Earth energy and strengthen their ability to receive communication from the Earth, to have a sense of this as an ongoing repeatable endeavor is very important: people’s ability to tune into this and sense it.

A high concentration near the Earth’s core, near the center of the Earth, is also available, and this connects to the Thorite elsewhere on the planet. This can be a helpful vibrational remedy when individuals wish to awaken psychic abilities that they have some interest in, but no particular talent or capability. Sometimes this goes along an area where they do not actually awaken the ability, but awaken other abilities or have a different sense of how they can relate to these energies, or attract people into their lives that can assist them with important lessons about this, or shift their own relationship to the need or desire for those capabilities. This is very important for individuals to utilize at a level of symbolism, understanding and working with the symbolism associated with the desire for those particular abilities.

This has been personified to some extent in the mainstream media by the question: ‘If you were a superhero, what would your power be?’


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