Teallite (Bolivia) – Self-Respect

Teallite has the capacity to encourage in individuals a sense of respect, a willingness for a deeper sense of integrity, a welcoming of the most noble and helpful aspects of one’s relationships with one’s guides, with one’s own soul, with those who have positive and helpful intentions for you. These are teachers, guidance councilors and people who are seeking to assist you. This is often difficult when individuals are stuck in the throes of drug addiction, struggling with personal relationships with their family, working with issues that are difficult to understand because that lack of respect, that sense of a denial of, you might say, the highly regarded elder as it manifests in yourself, this is rejected, this is pushed away, this is what the individual struggles with. Sometimes such an energy simply needs the individual to have this deeper attunement to their own self respect, their own willingness to love and care for their own internalized elder, their own willingness to revere and listen to his or her words of wisdom. Many times these energies of the difficulty in receiving the assistance from others are misinterpreted; the person seeking to help takes it personally. But frequently, it is simply because internally, the individual is unable to receive their own sense, their own deeper respect, their own love of themselves and their highest and most helpful wishes for themselves.

How Teallite helps for these individuals is they discover in themselves that they have placed that sense of rebellion, that resistance, that difficulty, for a reason; they have put it there in order to draw greater attention to this issue, helping them understand more of that inner wisdom that they have, discover it and know it. Obviously, for rebellious teenagers, for relationships where assisting others is so important, ways in which you wish change in your life and have resisted it, Teallite is indicated. But where it becomes more useful is where you realize that in your life many of the issues that have related to those which bring you disease, diminution of energy on any level, chronic difficulties in relationship or with the physical body, often have their root in these resistances, in this rebelliousness, as if somehow a self-sabotaging teenager is run amuck within your consciousness. As they grow, most older individuals put that aside, resist it, or deny it. Perhaps in their own inner psychological investigations, they have begun to look at this. But Teallite can be very helpful in bringing to the surface the deeper understanding about this and allowing the natural discovery of self-respect, of a willingness to hear and know those energies, and be willing to change as a result. Teallite helps cleanse the emotional body, bringing much benefit to this deeper awareness between emotional and mental bodies, allowing the individual to better accept and work with these aspects of themselves. ‘I allow this. I welcome it. I release. I let go.’


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