Tanzanite (Green) – Artistic Expression

In addition to the properties of Blue Tanzanite (artistic expression), Green Tanzanite can bring a sense of greater love to psychic abilities. Some individuals will, at times, create blocks to the higher spiritual qualities associated with Blue Tanzanite. When the absorption of music at a mental level is not available, sometimes the only way music can enter is through the heart. Such individuals will generally be attracted to love ballads as in country and western music. When exposed to Green Tanzanite, there may be a shift; and they may access higher levels, which would open them to some of the Vegan benefits of music. The stone can also stand on its own, not only with its relationship to Vega, but also in the way in which it brings a more heart-centered energy to individuals.


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Weight2.91 oz
Dimensions1.25 × 1.25 × 4 in