Sylvanite (Gold Hill District, Near Boulder) – Soul Purpose

Sylvanite has the potential to bring a great deal of healing energy into individuals for a very brief time. This can be a helpful adjunct when utilizing healing technologies, or most importantly, hands-on healing. It is to provide a burst of energy, a sense of that which is outside the usual domain, a sense of jumping out of the box so to speak, the opportunity to see yourself connected to a higher level, and to allow that energy as clearly as possible. There may be a sense of electricity or energies that move up and down in the body. But for many people, these energies will focalize in the arms, particularly in the elbow region, the sense that this energy can wake up there and then move throughout the body may be benefited by tai chi movements, various sweeping arm movements, moving the arms gently and slowly, swinging the arms, or in various ways recognizing the movement of such energies through this region of the body and into the rest of the body. The healing, however, is primarily taking place at a higher vibrational level; a temporary alignment of the mental, emotional, and causal bodies takes place. As the energies are able to move around, all kinds of aspects are shifted, and there can be much benefit as individuals are able to open to this. Sylvanite does seem to have useful interesting properties in a powerful connectivity to the highest self, a sense of the self, an awareness of where you are going with your lifetimes, of what you are here for. It may not produce the sense in the mental body that is the awareness of these energies as a clearly defined job or mission statement as much as it does a sense of belonging, a sense of purpose. This can be almost an electrical energy, and can move through the physical in a way that can be very healing, a shift in the sense of yourself can be a very powerful tool as you are looking into this deeper question as to why you are here or what you are intending to do. It is also a valuable energy when seeking insight into a problem, to understand things from an entirely different perspective, to work with it in a way that you hadn’t previously. It would probably be wise not to simply take Sylvanite elixir spontaneously, but rather to plan it out. It could be days ahead, or a minimum of 10 minutes ahead. But you choose that place in time and make a simple statement: ‘I ask now for the assistance from the vibrational levels that work with me, my guides, the earth, my soul, the connection to the oversoul of humanity’. It can be whichever way in which you see this energy working at the non-physical level as being able to assist you and guide you. You then choose that as a point in time; ’10 minutes from now I will use this elixir, and I welcome your shift, your vibration and your energy at such a time.’ Or at whatever time you establish. Then, when you use the elixir, consciously welcome that energy, find it moving through your own body, and work with it by moving. Let the movement in the body be subtle or direct, but a way in which you are allowing that never to be stuck.


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