Strontianite – Mental Function

This stone is useful in shifting underlying metabolic processes that can eventually lead to difficulties related to the correct absorption and utilization of calcium in the physical body. This occurs because of a difficulty with correct utilization of strontium in the body. Strontium is often found in milk in small quantities, due to processes available to the cow. This in itself is not of great difficulty, except that the processes of homogenization, pasteurization, and other processes do impart to the strontium in the milk an extra-high level of affinity for the bony structures in the body. Small amounts of the mineral certainly are necessary, but when they have been negatively charged, there can be some difficulty at the bony-structure level. At the higher level, this stone is able to provide enhanced mental functioning, bringing left and right brain balance and a speed-up of certain processes associated with mental functioning. These can include the use of logic and reasoning and the ability to perform certain mathematical manipulations. There is also a deeper understanding of various processes and of how things work in the world.


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