Siderite – Shadow Self

This is an important doorway stone to assist in understanding humanity, to see the highest potential for humanity, coordinated with an ability to allow love. This sometimes is unable to come forth because the darkness and its higher purpose are simply not understood. Those who will usually be able to resonate with the stone most easily are those who, in their own way, have some acceptance of the dark side of themselves. Most individuals who use Siderite elixir will find, over time, that their ability to accept and work with the dark side of themselves is significantly benefited. The emotional body is cleansed gradually as a result. The energies are released to the mental body, giving a person greater perspective and understanding. Often, a deeper awareness of, and ability to work with the law of opposite expression is made available for individuals. This naturally leads to a deeper understanding of the law of love. It is possible, in utilizing the elixir of this stone, for individuals to release a number of negative functions within their own bodies. These functions can inhibit proper digestion or inhibit the ability to manifest healing light, or can be blocks of any kind at an emotional or even spiritual level. The stone has the ability to help people accept each other, to see the dark side in someone else, and to see that it is but a reflection or a mirror of some aspect of one’s own consciousness. In this way, one can more easily and lovingly accept another person, seeing that their ability to manifest light is also dependent on the ability to accept their darkness. A deeper conception of oneness emerges at an emotional level, and it is in this way a Buddhaic stone.


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Weight2.91 oz
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