Schlossmacherite (Light Blue, Chile) – Relaxed Calm

This stone does seem to promote a sense of well-being or deeper calm in many individuals. It does appear to relieve stress, particularly that which is due to a misunderstanding of time: time pressure, opportunity to do a certain amount of work in a certain amount of time, that sort of thing. At the higher level however, as time pressure is relieved, most individuals will recognize alternatives; delegation perhaps, or sharing energies in other ways. Yes, this is a stone that could help you in your own understanding of delegation and need to do this appropriately and lovingly. In addition, however, Sclossmacherite does appear to help individuals have a sense of peace and calm, even amidst chaos and difficulty, as if to be able to more easily find a relaxed place, even though others around them may be feeling tense. It does this by allowing the individual to establish a deeper contact with Mother Earth, awakening root chakra energy, but at the same time allowing energy from ones own higher connectivity, sense of soul group, connection to guides and other energies to flow through. As this flow-through takes place, the individual will be shown ways in which those energies are not those about doing-ness but about being-ness. As the elixir is utilized and the individual tunes into this energy, they will see a certain humor in it, a playfulness, an inner love may emerge; these are all positive qualities telling them their heart chakra is opening, because it is an opening to the guides and helpers, the group activity in its larger intent, and other positive energies.


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