Scheelite – Past Life Memory

This stone does appear to be quite helpful in improving a wide variety of psychic abilities, in particular, improving the ability to unearth lost memories. Although this would be widely applied in such avenues as recreating lost memories of alien abduction or various difficult childhood experiences such as incest or molestation, its proper use would actually be for an attunement to those initial energies of a larger learning capacity that most people experienced from the time of birth to about three years old. The utilization of Scheelite in such a case is not only to stimulate higher wisdom or association by opening up these memories; it also has the capacity to enable the person to have a deeper sense of self around these issues, as if to more easily integrate this. This can be a very difficult matter, for usually the emotional bodies block the particular memories because the individual is unable to integrate them. When such integration is more easily established, then it is also much easier to work with the understanding of this and come to the awareness of the higher purpose.


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