Sarabauite – Sexual Healing

This stone is useful for bringing physical love and emotional love into the physical body more easily and for creating greater acceptance of these states. It can be helpful, therefore, with clearing any misunderstanding about childhood incidents associated with rape or incest or other difficult sexual issues for individuals. Many times, these particular issues have a number of foci that move through past lives, and these can be brought into greater clarity for individuals. When one would perceive from one’s childhood a sense of victimhood or struggle against something larger than oneself, it is usually useful to see that this picture is the exact energy or image one has wished to create for oneself in working with these particularly difficult incidents. Opening to the larger picture, one can see the reason why one would invite such difficult situations into one’s life and can realize the larger benefit of deeper forgiveness or understanding of one’s self as perpetrator and victim. With Sarabauite, there can be improvement in a number of physical abilities, including the ability to receive and give love. This can improve one’s sex life, increase one’s ability to know sexual pleasure, or even increase one’s orgasmic capacity, bringing a sense of greater ease and relaxation into the emotions and the sexual centers.


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Weight2.91 oz
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