Samarskite-Y (Colorado) – Soul Communication

This stone has some unique properties in enabling certain messages from the soul to be transmitted more consciously and clearly to the individual. It is not predictable which messages, but usually they will tend to be those messages of maximum importance. These will usually go through a specific sort of precedence according to what the individual needs to understand the most. These will often encompass things like your purpose, a deeper understanding of relationship, an awareness of what is important to you in this life, areas that must be understood in order for you to have the sense of completion about some particular life phase. The soul does these transmissions without regard to an understanding of time in a human sense. This is because the soul is not governed by the same laws of time that affect human beings, particularly as they go through their sequence of incarnating and disincarnating. Rather, the soul itself has a variety of important attributes that must be accepted, learned, created, manifested in the physical form. These energies sometimes will require that in order for you to understand them or work with them, you step out of time, you do not hold yourself in the context of things in a limited way that might have been before; you are able to shift from the place of experience to the place of immediate now. Although the soul can assist with this process, it does so energetically more so than by information. This means that there is a sort of gap within your consciousness, how you do things, how you understand them, there is this little piece that seems to be missing. Samarskite-Y elixir can gradually bring this piece back into your awareness. Progressions of the planetoid Pluto may be eased by the use of Samarskite-Y. It is certainly worth a try where individuals are having difficulty with various aspects of Pluto showing up in their chart timed with life events that are problematic.


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