Roselite (Morocco) – Human Connectedness

This stone has useful properties at illustrating for people a deeper connection to each other, illustrating for them the sense of family, a sense of deeper attunement or awareness. It is a way in which people can awaken to the sense of the human family, this as shared amongst all people. One of the capacities of extraterrestrials and a variety of beings that they have created is to allow a deeper awareness of this energy in regions of the world where various religions are widely utilized by those in positions of power to separate, to say you are part of this family, but these other people are not. This sense of a widening of one’s family, of seeing these energies in a much larger sense of accepting all people on planet Earth in this sense is one of the important characteristics that Roselite confers.

One of the more positive attributes of this elixir is to help expand the sense of the human family, the sense of the willingness to drop barriers and divisions between races and religions, more important these days than that of economic divisions. This is also important in the event of a new race coming to Earth, one of extraterrestrial origin, to be welcomed and not attacked. One can also feel more connected to past generations of humanity, thus feeling a greater willingness to share energies with beings all over the planet.


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Weight2.91 oz
Dimensions1.25 × 1.25 × 4 in