Rock Water – Forgiveness

Rock Water elixir has the capacity to allow the awareness of a forgiveness field, as if there is an energy somewhere in which all of it, the way you see yourself, the way you judge others, the way you understand them, is as if trivial: it is unimportant. When one can have a sense of this forgiveness, of this sense of blowing energy out of proportion in order to judge oneself, one can then come in a very objective and relaxed way to ask why. This is a powerful doorway, it is the doorway that many who are studying and working with aspects of the law of reflection begin with: why would one have benefit to this aspect of anything in self-denial or strictness or judgment, until one recognizes that it is a powerful, clear message employed by the law of reflection in order to understand it and work with it. It relates to the understanding in which one actually recognizes judgment as temporary, not as a permanent part of existence, but as necessary in the process to know yourself and others. This higher spiritual significance is the basis of that forgiveness field: the way God sees you for instance. Rock Water does seem to coordinate chakras eight, ten, and eleven.


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