Rheniite (Russia) – Reality Shaker

Rheniite has the unique capacity to change consciousness for people in a way in which they are able to bilocate, see things from multiple locations simultaneously, and as a result have a completely different viewpoint about time, the ability to understand time moving suddenly both backwards and forwards, a way in which they can shift how they see the world. It is a reality shaker, the opportunity to perceive things in these different ways, it can be very helpful for individuals who are seeking a new point of view, trying to work out issues for which they need new ideas, but more importantly those developing psychic abilities, particularly issues worked with such as remote viewing, attunement to far away energies, and off-planet research. An ability to improve, enhance, and strengthen communication with extraterrestrials is noted, but this seems to be particularly important with those beings who have deeper understanding of these capacities of bilocating and time travel. There are healing abilities conferred here also. These have to do with the sense that an individual is boxed in; held within a limited context. And this can be especially true when they have sought treatment from the orthodox medical establishment that says no matter what you do, this or that is what is going to happen. Of course that is absurd, not only are there all of the unique and specialized occurrences as have been termed miracles, remissions, spontaneous (healings), and so on, but there is also the way in which misdiagnosis, a complete misunderstanding of the underlying principles and overlooking of important factors, and many other things, often take place. This does not mean that Rheniite is able to provide a miracle healing, but it can shift the context and welcome an energy that would otherwise be unavailable to the individual.


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