Reticulite – Shifting Beliefs

This stone has the capability to improve one’s psychic abilities with regards to telekinesis and levitation. In addition, it holds various capabilities with regards to a new understanding of one’s association with the insect kingdom; the capacity to gradually merge these will allow one to understand more from the insects point of view about the naturally occurring antigravity that insects are able to manifest. In working with sound and healing, Reticulite can be of some value to increase the attunements, use it on the body or the elixir of the stone while doing sound healing.The elixir itself has many important opportunities to train individuals as to a deeper sense of their own connection to Mother Earth and working with the issues of gravity. As one is better able to understand and work with this, meditation is improved. A sense of lightness and a sense of attunement or connection to the air element; to a lifting, and even connection to the moon or to other gravitational objects even further away may be noted for the individual. In addition, however, there is a sense of gravity noted between other people and the Earth that can at times make healing difficult, as if then giving a direct significance as to inertia, the sense that things as they have been will continue. This can obviously connect to, at a psycho-spiritual level, belief patterns: ‘I have always believed it that way, therefore I will again.’ This elixir assists in shifting these belief patterns.


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