Realgar – Gender Balance

This stone appears to strengthen certain emotional and physical body processes, leading to release of stuck energies, particularly those associated with root, second, and, to some extent, third chakras. The result of this can be more energetic strengthening in the body on many, many levels. This is especially helpful in cases of chronic fatigue, those who are suffering from excessive nervous system burnout, and those who would seek a deeper connection to those energies within them that allow a sense of physical loving or physical closeness. It can, in some people, re-awaken early memories, particularly from Lemuria, where there was a need at times to perceive, to love and to work with others. It was seen that there were some who would not open to this easily, as if they needed to have some part of themselves individualized, not opening to the possibilities of separation. This was the beginning of some of the difficulties that have now led to what is sometimes termed the battle of the sexes or those energies associated with women’s liberation, men’s liberation, etc. Most of these, as most people are now beginning to realize, are simply the facades for an inner energy where there is not an easy blending or loving between the inner opposite genders within people. In Lemuria, the stone has been utilized in rituals for a deliberate separation, creating an understanding of the splitting apart process into the genders; and so also, Realgar can be used now in rituals for bringing the genders together.


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Weight2.91 oz
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