Ralstonite (Greenland) – Gaia Consciousness

This stone has some unique abilities to enhance people’s communication with Earth, earth’s center, the connection of earth energy with people, but more importantly, an awareness of earth’s mission: a sense that you are able to learn about this from feeling and sensing her own energy, sensing this in ways that would not otherwise be available. Ralstonite may help people find this in their own unique expression.

Because you have been here before, most individuals incarnated here do have past lives on this planet, then these energies in their unique representation of how you relate to earth, how you understand earth, how you merge with earth, how you are able to understand her and work with her becomes clearer.

A sense in which you are just one with earth, allowing her energy to love you and bathe you, and for you then to allow your own sense of this; and then gradually a brilliant light is noted, it is observed, it is welcomed, it is noticed as if it has always been there. This brilliant light in the center of earth, as it pulses, as it becomes brighter and clearer, begins to affect you. You have an actual sense of it warming you in the same way when you go out into the sun you might feel warm. Some people may feel this beginning in the soles of the feet. And a way in which you are able to feel this energy coming up through the body becomes pleasant and helpful, but at the same time compelling, asking you to listen, to attune to earth’s energy, to receive her, and be one with her. This is an excellent meditation to do with Ralstonite.

But an awareness of this energy, the unique quality of the great central sun for you, this is useful for every person to play with, to learn about, to enjoy, to be part of, and it can ease problems with electromagnetic energies or EMFs. It can also be helpful for individuals who wish to get a deep restful sleep; and Ralstonite may blend for some individuals quite nicely with Helium for this purpose.


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Weight2.91 oz
Dimensions1.25 × 1.25 × 4 in