Pottsite – Self-Analysis

Pottsite has some interesting qualities at reversing various trends individuals may have without their conscious awareness, into deeper and deeper issues, usually regarding traumatic or various heart-related difficult relationship problems. Oftentimes, the dramas involved are simply a recreation of dramas from the past. There is a greater emphasis on deeper and deeper clarification and understanding about such matters at the current time, with such specific idea that individuals will be able to let go of these themes, finding their underlying source. I have felt this way before, I see where this path is leading, it seems dangerous or difficult in some way, bringing greater sadness or hopelessness, but I don’t understand why. Pottsite assists in the shifting of the way one looks at their own personality and the way one comes to terms with this without guilt and self-recrimination, as these are often old energies ready to be shifted. Thus, eventually a deeper sense of self in a very positive Godlike way emerges, and an easy release of habit patterns may result, almost as if an effortless shift out of addictive behavior or struggling with things in the world. It may be helpful to awaken in the early morning, take a little bit of this elixir, and go back to sleep; you will find that your dreams are enhanced, the sense of deeper relaxation and healing strengthens, and at the same time insight is gained.


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