Polybasite (Mexico) – Cleansing Thought Forms

Polybasite has some intriguing utilization for destruction of negative thought forms. There are various energies associated with ritual in this stone for the clearing of energies that are specifically related to those who have recently died without knowing that they have done so. If they are unsuccessful at this within the first few hours after death, there is then a high probability that for a long period of time, on average ten years, the individual will be in this sort of limbo or stuck place. The numbers of such individuals on your planet is huge. In ancient times, various stones were utilized in different ways to send positive helpful loving energies to the ancestors, to various individuals who have passed over. Hence, to use any of the various tools including Polybasite to allow the individuals to accelerate higher helpful energies during the time of death, during the time of contemplation of death, during the awareness of the interaction with those who have passed over, can be a very helpful tool. Besides the assistance already mentioned to the astral body, there is some benefit noted in some greater mental clarity for those using this. Non-physical beings of course, cannot take the elixir, so it is up to the physical person to work with it and transfer the energy as necessary.


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