Poldervaartite (South Africa) – Merging

There are two interesting qualities to the aspect that people would generally call merging. One of these is what might be termed empathetic, the other sympathetic. And this stone seems to be helpful with bringing this very clearly into a person’s consciousness, into the way in which they are able to understand merging, and work with it in different ways.

This sheds an entirely different light on the merging aspect until you recognize that either empathetic or sympathetic merging are simply artificial constructs, it is the inherent aspect of oneness that is seeking to reveal itself to you. This is where Poldervaartite really shines; it’s ability to help you understand this and heal it. As Poldervaartite begins the process of illustrating this for people, they become better healers: self-healers, ability to heal others, work with plants and work with animals.

In relationship people tend to need aspects of this merging, coming to understand and work with another person’s personality, to love them and be loved by them, to become one with them, to enjoy what they have to say, but also to work with what is a difficult issue. With the elixir, you are able to understand different ways in which this can take place, and even create some of your own that you hadn’t thought of before.

This can enhance sex, and it can be an energy that allows one to let go of thinking and come instead to a sort of merged loving space that does not require any thinking at all. Thought addiction may be lessened for some individuals.


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