Phlogopite (Kola Peninsula in Russia) – Writing

This stone has many capacities to assist individuals with processes of visualization and the ability to take what they have perceived and bring it into written form, to bring this through poetry, prose, drawing, various ways in which the hand connects to an inner sense of what is occurring. Phlogopite can be very helpful to those who are interested in pursuing automatic writing as a psychic ability or enhancement. When one is bringing areas of writing into consciousness, this is a very helpful elixir, in particular, for a new activity or branch of writing that is becoming widespread in the world, called blogging. The other use for this stone is to take the elixir before falling asleep, or place a small sample of the stone on the forehead or on the chest, and then as you sleep have the sense of connecting to others and what it is you would share with them: sharing colors perhaps, or sounds, or various imaginary gifts, the idea simply being that you are releasing these as symbols into the world to inspire and assist others. It is a useful tool also as individuals open in their own consciousness to receive the powerful important messages from guides, helpers, and the writers of earlier eras, those who have passed from the world but have not yet reincarnated. Such individuals often are important inspiration for many in areas of politics, economics, social change, and so on, and their ideas do not stop just because they have passed from the world and are no longer writing; to receive some of this energy and information is important.


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